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Пресс-конференция Леси Цуренко в Брисбене (03.01.2013)

Пресс-конференция Леси Цуренко в Брисбене (03.01.2013)


L. TSURENKO/D. Hantuchova 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You had quite a week since you didn't win the qualifying tournament. How has it felt for you?

LESIA TSURENKO: It's a very great feeling for me. Like I said many times, I'm the first time in my life lucky loser, and it's really surprising for me to take the spot of Maria Sharapova and be in the second round of the huge tournament.I'm just enjoying now. That's my chance. I'm just taking it.

Q. Do you think maybe some pressure went off you and you were able to play with more freedom?

LESIA TSURENKO: Maybe I felt some pressure just yesterday when I went on the center court. That's it. I don't feel any pressure now. And before also.I'm just enjoying really now.

Q. Your first set yesterday was a bit of a wipeout, but since then you haven't struggled at all. Is that part of you finding momentum?

LESIA TSURENKO: I played against Gajdosova like I think one and a half year ago, and I knew that she's really powerful.But she surprised me yesterday. She really surprised me. The balls were coming so fast that I was probably a little bit?? I just didn't expect that speed.But then I just realized that, yeah, it's true. She's playing really strong, so I have to try to keep the ball in the point. So give it back.I think it change a lot, and I served better from beginning from the second set. So I just tried to play point, not to be surprised of the speed.

Q. Last time you played your next opponent was in Wimbledon 2011 and she defeated you. How do you think you'll go on the hard court as compared to the grass?

LESIA TSURENKO: Grass is completely different surface. I saw her playing. She's really good shape now. She's playing well, really well. She beat few top 10 players.But I have nothing to lose, so I will, again, just try to show my best tennis and enjoy each point, each minute on the center court.

Q. You proved yourself the better tennis player today. You reckon you will be the better surfer as well?

THE MODERATOR: Do you surf? You know, at the beach?

Q. There was some great footage of her getting some surfing lessons. I was just wondering maybe you would like to take her out and give her a lesson in that as well.

LESIA TSURENKO: I just don't understand actually what are you talking about. (Smiling.)

Q. We'll stick to tennis. There are a few different opinions about the lucky loser situation. Jarmila said she thought it was unfair. What's your take on that?

LESIA TSURENKO: I also felt very unfair when I didn't get as a lucky loser, but it's just the rules.For example, on ITF tournaments they don't even care about your rank. They just toss. So it's just the rules. I cannot change it. Sorry. That's not in my power. (Smiling.)

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